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1000 Series: Community Relations

1025 Uniform Complaint Procedures Policy

Pathways Academy Adult Education COVID-19 Safe Reopen Plan for the Office

1035 Access to Public Records Policy

3000 Series: Business/Non-Instructional

3000 Fiscal Policy Overview

3005 Purchasing Fiscal Policy

3011 Accounts Payable and Record Keeping Fiscal Policy

3015 Accounts Receivable Fiscal Policy

3020 Expenses Fiscal Policy

3025 Finance and Assets Fiscal Policy

4000 Series: Personnel Services

4000 Personnel Services Concepts and Roles

4010 At-Will Employment Policy

4015 Equal Employment Opportunity Policy

4020 Background Check Policy

4025 Tuberculosis Testing Policy

4030 Immigration Compliance Policy

4035 Mandated Reporter – Child Abuse Policy

4040 Corporal Punishment Policy

4045 Professional Boundaries Policy

4050 Whistleblower Policy

4055 Internal Complaint Procedures Policy

4060 Unlawful Harassment Discrimination Retaliation Policy and Complaint Form

4065 Meal and Rest Period Policy

4070 Lactation Accommodation Policy

4075 Drug, Alcohol and Smoke-Free Workplace Policy

4080 Acceptable Use of Technology Policy

4085 Payroll Withholdings Policy

4090 COBRA Policy

4105 Paid Sick Leave Policy

4110 Pregnancy Disability Leave Policy

4115 Family and Medical Leave Act Policy

4125 Victims of Abuse Leave Policy

4130 Remote Work Policy

4150 Mileage Reimbursement Policy

4160 Children of Teachers Policy

4165 Employee Driving Policy

4170/4170E Injury and Illness Prevention Policy and Plan

4175 Professional Development Reimbursement Policy

4180 Workplace Recording Policy

5000 Series: Student Services

5000 Student Services Concepts and Roles

5010 Educational Records and Student Information Policy

5015 Title IX, Harassment, Intimidation, Discrimination, and Bullying

5020 Comprehensive Self-harm and Suicide Prevention Policy

5030 Immunization Policy

5035 Student Freedom of Speech and Expression Policy

5045 Acceptable Use Policy

5050 Academic Integrity Policy

5070 Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming Non-Discrimination Policy

5085 Communicable / Contagious Disease Prevention Policy

5090 Repeat Course Policy

5095 Transcript Revisions Policy

6000 Series: Instruction

6005 Parent and Family Engagement Policy

6010 Independent Study Policy

6015 Comprehensive Sexual Education and HIV Prevention Policy

6020 Education of Homeless Children and Youth Policy

6025 Section 504: Policy, Procedures, and Parent Rights

6030 Education of Foster Youth

6035 Math Placement Policy

6060 Special Education Assessment Request Policy

6065 Special Education PIN Process for Missed Services

6070 Special Education Independent Educational Evaluation Policy

6075 Special Education Certificate of Completion Policy

6115 Attendance, Missed Assignments, Satisfactory Educational Progress, and Involuntary Removal Policy

6205 Interim Policy for Mitigation of Student Hardship Caused by COVID-19

9000 Series: Board Policies

9000 Role of the Board

9005 Governance Standards

9010 Public Statements

9011 Disclosure of Confidential-Privileged Information

9012 Board Member Electronic Communications

9015 Location of Meetings of the Governing Board

9200 Limits of Board Member Authority

9230 Orientation

9240 Board Training

9250 Remuneration and Reimbursement

9310 Board Policies

9323 Meeting Conduct

9324 Minutes and Recordings

9400 Board Self-Evaluation

Board Bylaws

Amended and Restated Bylaws of PAAE 9.14.22

Comprehensive School Safety Plan

Comprehensive School Safety Plan